Who we are

Bayven is a graphic artistry and communications studio based in Coventry that specialises in environmental campaigns.

Combining their graphic design and creative strategy expertise with a passion for preserving and promoting the natural environment, Parminder Bal and Sally Taylor founded Bayven, a portmanteau of surnames and location with environmental justice anchored at the organisation’s core.

Parminder and Sally want to utilise their creative energy to stimulate positive change. Bayven’s raison d’etre is bringing environmental campaigns to life through unique and engaging graphic artistry. Bayven Studio believes that environmental work should be accessible, actionable and share a clear message prioritising the natural environment. From redesigning governmental reports to developing colourful renderings of major environmental projects, Bayven aims to create a world where everyone cares about our planet’s wellness.

MarinaTex - Bayven Studios

What we do

Campaigns close to Bayven’s heart include natural resource and environmental conservation efforts, public policy, green finance innovation and sustainable product development in the private sector. By working closely with policymakers, agricultural NGOs, environmental organisations, energy companies, and politicians to curate effective environmental campaigns, Bayven aims to nurture a global community that shares its values and vision: to protect and preserve the natural environment.

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