Bioproduct from organic fish waste

At the University of Sussex, a product design student created a polymer bioproduct from 100% organic material after developing an interest in recycling waste products and turned to nature for inspiration. After many different experimentations and reformulations, the product was refined to form what MarinaTex is today.

Rather than the product’s impact serving only as an afterthought to both form and function, MarinaTex places equal consideration in their design’s environmental footprint. The fish byproduct and organic material components that make up MarinaTex, including agar from red algae and fish processing waste, are all sourced from waste material from the fishing industry, only sourcing from processing plants that are part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

At Bayven, we strive to empower a circular economy that designs out waste, maximises resources and bridges the gap between businesses and our planet.

MarinaTex - Bayven Studios